EP Card House Rules

Memberships: El Paso Card House is a private social club; use of the facilities is for Members in good standing only. EPCH offers 2 types of memberships. They are the $5 daily membership and $30 monthly membership. New members are subject to a 1 month probationary period. EPCH reserves the right to revoke a membership at their own discretion. If your membership is revoked, there will be no refund given.

Food and Alcohol: EPCH does not serve alcohol or food.  Members may bring in food and have food delivered. EPCH has a microwave and refrigerator for your BYOF and BYOB items. El Paso Card House reserves the right to remove intoxicated or boisterous persons for safety, etiquette, and enjoyment of the Members and Staff 

Firearms and Other Weapons: El Paso Card house does NOT allow any firearms or other weapons in our facility per Texas Penal Code 30.06 and 30.07 which prohibits  the carrying of concealed and/or open carry firearms. 

Dues and Fees: Membership dues must be paid in advance in order for members to enter into the private membership area. Club Access Fees are due and payable at the end of your session when you (The Member) checks out. Members failing to check out when leaving will be charged the entirety of the remainder of the Club operating hours for that day. Unpaid balances must be cleared before a Member can check in for a new session. Memberships are available in daily ($5), monthly ($30), The Club Access Rate is $10 per hour (20% discount for tourneys).

Gameplay: All poker games at El Paso Card House follow World Series of Poker (‘WSOP’) rules for cash and tournament games except where stated below. Floor People: The Tournament Director, Managers, and Supervisors are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision-making process. Unusual circumstances can on occasion dictate that decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over the technical rules. The Tournament Director (“TD”) reserves the right to overrule any floor decision. The Host Property reserves the right to cancel or alter any event at its sole discretion in the best interest of the casino or its participants.Rulings on gameplay are considered final only by discretion of the management of EPCH in accordance with WSOP rules.

  • There is an active betting line. 
  • English only on or around the tables 
  • No electronic device use (phone, tablet, computer, etc.) while playing a live hand. Players not in the hand may reasonably use electronic devices
  • Smoking or vaping is NOT allowed anywhere in the Club. There is an ashtray outside the facility for your smoking pleasure.